True Definition of Trendy Jewellery

A trend is generally something that is popular or hit in a certain time and tends to change accordingly. It can also be said as a dynamic process that involves changes some particular fields to as to introduce new innovations. Trend can be in any field like stock market, basic clothing, style and specially jewelry.

In today’s world the gold and diamond jewellery and precious gemstone ornaments are made in such innovative ways that it not only attracts the buyers but also have become signature work like the colorful stone work for Jaipur (INDIA), the jadaau and meena work from Bikaner (INDIA), the diamond cutters in Antwerp and Surat etc. These have their influence all over the globe.

Jewellery is said to be long-lasting and remains in families over decades but this is the 21st century and in today’s world jewelry is the trendiest accessory. As we have lighter clothes in summers, rain coats in monsoon and big warm jackets in winters same ways the jewellery industry has come up with the variety to make you fashionably trendy with the changing seasons. Like for summers very light weight earrings and rings are introduced, floral design pendants are introduced in spring season and glittery white diamond jewels are launched to suits you best in winters.

The trends are also set according to the taste of color stones that a particular area or region. Like UK and USA have a rich taste for fine gemstones whereas countries like INDIA and CHINA have taste for both high quality and the commercial quality of color stones. Certain areas have specific taste for turquoise and other opaque stones also. These area wise differences in taste of colors can also affect the trending styles. Trends can also be associated with festivals like Diwali, Christmas, New Year etc.In INDIA it is a trend to buy ornaments during Diwali. It is said to be a good omen to buy jewellery on certain specific auspicious days in INDIA such as dhanteras and akshay tritaya.

Some time ago it was a trend to wear accessories that are made from organic material, then it was to wear big stones and then it pure diamond products.

But very frankly speaking trends come and go but some classic designs still remain to be everlasting. Their fashion is never outdated but their value keeps on increasing as vintage products and trends to wear vintage jewelry are also seen. So follow these trends in your own way in your own styles.


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