Beauty Does Not Last Forever, But Your Personality Does

It is a very old and true saying that beauty doesn’t last forever. But, something which lasts forever and leaves an impression on the minds of people is your personality. More than your name or occupation, it is your personality which is registered in the minds of people. And as you must have definitely heard that first impression is the last impression, it better be a good one.

It is needless to say that jewellery augments the beauty of a person especially woman.  Wearing jewellery is not difficult but choosing the right jewelry for you is important and difficult too. It is very important for you to know what type of jewellery suits you. To understand this better and to make it easier, you can choose your jewelry according to your face cut. When we say jewelry here, we mean earrings majorly because it is the earrings that need to match with your face cut in the most appropriate way. Rest everything else will just fall in place.

Oval face

The women who have an oval face generally have a very slim forehead, carved cheekbones & a very thin chin.

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This is a very flexible face cut in terms of choice of earrings. Thus, almost every type suits this face-cut. Diamond hoops, Ruby Jhumkis, Emerald Chandeliers – anything and everything would look graceful and stylish on people with this face-cut. Still, if you want to look strikingly gorgeous, then you can go for oval diamond danglers as it would add elegance to the face. However, you should not opt for long pair of earrings because they would make your face look even longer.

Round face

If your face is round it will have a similar length and width. Women who have a round face have comparatively wide cheek bones which make them look chubby and plump.

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Thus, you need to pick up earrings which are angular in shape because they will give an angle to the face. You may go for geometric shaped earrings or simple emerald drops.  You should avoid hoops like diamond hoops as they will mix with your face & won’t really accent your look.

Square face

Women who have a square shaped face have their cheeks, forehead and jaws at similar width. As the jaw line is the most prominent thing on this type of face, the earrings should be long & not very wide.

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The earrings which taper at the bottom or which have a curve at the end, small and circular earrings which are oval in shape are the best for it.

Heart shaped face

If you have a forehead which is wide & your jaw line is quite prominent, your face is heart shaped. You should choose earrings which have a wide bottom and a narrower top.

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For such a face cut, triangular shaped earrings would be the best option. They will help in elongating your face & will also give your jaw line a width.  You may also try oval shaped diamond earrings or diamond hoops.

Long face

If your face is long & has a uniform width of forehead as well as jaw line, you need to choose simple and light earrings. Small circular or square shaped diamond earrings would solve your purpose the best. You should try to avoid wearing earrings which are long and danglers too as they will give some length to the face and make it longer.

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Earrings, diamond jewellery, gold jewellery, etc add to your looks. If you accessories properly, you will be able get the right look. So, next time whenever you are into the market for buying earrings, keep your face cut in mind so that you pick up the right pair.

Looking beautiful is not difficult if you know what looks good on you and what does not. You should be intelligent enough to know what suits your personality the best.

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