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Bangles: Pride of an Indian Women’s

Essentially the most popular luxury accessories and jewellery items for women today are bangles. Bangles are popular everywhere due to it is colorful style. It is quite common jewellery utilized by ladies in India. Bangles present a distinctive image of rich Indian heritage. Bangles have different names & varieties in each and every state of India.


Bangles are component of traditional Indian jewellery. They are typically worn in pairs by women, a number of on each adjustable rate mortgage. Indian women appreciate their bangles. One particular hardly sees a great Indian woman without having. Poor as rich, children and adults. Bangles play a significant role for Native Indian women. They will not be just for art work; bangles are component of a tradition and part of women’s identity.

A bangle is amongst the most important ornaments make fish an Indian woman sports. For married women of all ages, bangles hold a special significance as they’re a sign of these suhaag. Bangles have always been an inseparable section of Indian culture.

The importance of colors bangles: In the Native Indian culture, different colored bangles traditionally signify different things. Red signifies strength and prosperity, black means power, while green denotes good luck and fertility. Purple signifies independence, though blue denotes information or tranquility. Yellow bangles are intended for happiness, white is good for new beginnings and orange is good for success. Silver bangles denote strength and gold bangles would be the ultimate symbol of fortune and prosperity.


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