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Bezel set rings

Bezel setting commonly uses a metal rim that covers all the edges of the center stone holding it securely in its place.

It is one of the most popular setting style and oldest in the world due to its ease of manufacturing.

But that doesn’t make this style old fashioned. Many bezel settings are appealing and modern with a touch of elegance. Bezel setting goes well with all types of metals but white gold and platinum enhances its beauty.


Advantages of Bezel Setting:-


The biggest advantage that bezel set rings offers is the protection and security of the central stone. Diamonds are the hardest material of the world. But It can also get damaged along the edges if mishandled. The stones are kept securely with the edges of the girdle of stone held tightly locked with the metallic lips that folds down to cover the edges completely. This holds the stone protected against accidental rub and chipping.


This setting is best suited for someone who uses their hands the entire day whether they are a nurse, gym instructor or any other profession where they are using equipments or come in contact of such people, this is a perfect solution.

Bezel Halo Ring

Bezel setting restrains the amount of light reflected back from the stone by covering its edges. To ensure the sparkling look and its blissfulness one should go for a bezel halo setting where the center stone is encircled with paved stones. This setting will ensure its shimmering effect incredibly well along with offering the center solitaire a firm protection.

You can also have three bezel set stones all surrounded by halo paved diamonds to have an enticing ethical piece. This setting is advantageous as you can choose a lower carat center stone without compromising its dazzling effect.


Bezel Pave Band

Center stone alone doesn’t bear the responsibility to impress. Pave band with the bezel set stone ensures its sparkle from any angle. Pave band gives an illusion of a diamond band maximizing its dazzling effect by reflecting more light.

Vintage Bezel

A classic vintage feel can also be given to have that feeling of royalty.  This ring uses invisible setting along with halo encrusted stones encircling the center diamond and supporting side stones to take you back to a bygone era.

To give your ring a modern touch with its classic inherent eloquent feel you can change the shape of supporting side stones. The center solitaire can be picked up in round brilliant cut along with oval shaped side stones all put together in bezel setting.

3 stone Bezel

It is not necessary to have a single stone grabbing all the attention. One can go for three stones along with channeled band to have a beautiful yet practical ring.




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