Represent Never Ending Love with Three Stone Diamond Rings


An ardent piece of exceptional items of fine jewellery that symbolise your love and dedication. A three stone diamond ring represents all the memories, love and plans of your life with the glittering shine of the finest diamonds.

These beautiful creative designs are either acquired by setting them with the help of prongs on an equal wavelength or highlighting the centre stone by escalating it above the two of its side stones. Engraved blissfully in yellow gold or white gold of 14k or 18k. You can also choose a band of rose gold or platinum.


This type of ring commonly use prong and pave setting to allow more reflection of light. However when it is being gifted to a man then Bezel or bar setting is preferred more.

Princess cut stones and brilliant cut are most common shapes that are used for these rings. However these are not mandatory ones, you can also have marquise, oval and rectangular shapes in different carats and clarity.

This is an ideal and one of the most mesmerizing ways of saying I LOVE YOU making the special moment of a couple lifetime memorable.


Three stone diamond rings are gaining popularity as they provide an alternative to the traditional solitaire rings for engagement or proposal. Diamonds of finest cut, clarity and size are specifically chosen. One can also go for bigger carat diamonds as they enhance beauty which captivates its viewers and at the same time they work as investments.

Lovers don’t require any special occasion or a special day to celebrate their love. They create that special moment for their beloved and to make it more memorable and enchanting he can gift this ring to make her believe completely on his expression of love.


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