How to Match Your Jewellery to Your Outfits


When it comes to jewellery, many women and girls are overwhelmed with selection -from statement items to classic touches, from vintage vogue to glitzy ,glamour, generally it’s exhausting to settle on from all the options!

Here at jewellery concepts, we have a tendency to perpetually advise ladies to base their jewellery on the design of their dress, as this can be an excellent thanks to keep your look fashionable and not muddled.

Read on to examine our recommendations for the right finishing touches…


Your dress is: gravelly, boho, relaxed then accessorise with : Floral jewellery

For a relaxed, boho or beach feel, strive accessories impressed naturally – a floral diamond pendant, or earrings will look beautiful and summery .

We love a floral crown, however don’t draw back from carrying flowers elsewhere – try a standard wrist joint bouquet or pin larger floral brooches to your sash for real floral leaf power! This can be great thanks to add a touch color into your look too.



Your dress is: exciting, embellished-style then accessorise with: full on sparkle

Glamorous gowns with a figure-hugging silhouette and sparkly details are a dream to accessorise. Some-thing involving diamantes or crystals can facilitate to form a red-carpet look – it’s simply up to you how much to add! If your dress already contains a lot happening, then you’ll not have to be compelled to do it – unless you would like to, of course!

Select dazzling hair items to end the planning – these particularly suit dark hair as a result of they’re going to extremely catch the sunshine and stand out.


Your dress is: Vintage lace, antique, half shoulder then accessorise with: elegance pearls
the vintage look is as widespread as ever, with lovely lace gowns being a firm favourite with our girls. Pearl jewellery is a perfect match for a lace dress, as they appear abundant softer than sparkly.

You don’t have to ignore sparkling accessories; however we’d suggest selecting one thing that’s a touch a lot of muted and antique looking for true vintage vogue. Hair combs are great choice and are great for adding the final touch to a vintage-looking dress.



Your dress is: A-line, full-sleeved then accessorise with:  diamond pendant

If you’ve chosen a princess-style, A-line gown or one with long sleeves like Kate, then a diamond pendant is a great selection.


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